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The EYE TOWER gives your sporting club that professional aerial view

in a quick to set up, portable system.

  • Supports meaningful game analysis
  • Up to 7m Height
  • One person set up
  • No long cables (full WIFI)
  • Operate camera from up to 50m away
  • Simple, easy to learn controls
  • 19 inch HDMI monitor
  • Can be used at virtually any venue for any sport
  • Designed for and tested in Australian conditions
  • Provides clear full HDMI images
  • Supports meaningful game analysis
  • Up to 7m Height
  • One person set up
  • No long cables (full WIFI)
  • Operate camera from up to 50m away
  • Simple, easy to learn controls
  • 19 inch HDMI monitor
  • Can be used at virtually any venue for any sport
  • Designed for and tested in Australian conditions
  • Provides clear full HDMI images


how it works

highly portable – 10 minute set up
7 meters

Highly Portable – 10 Minute Set Up

EYE TOWER units are fully self-contained, transportable by one person and includes:
Back-pack with remote control equipment
Mobile display system contained in a hard bodied travel case
Wheeled soft carry bag for the telescopic tripod that is easy to pull along.
Fully adjustable tripod legs designed to accommodate difficult and uneven surfaces; and
A video transmission unit which includes a permanently-attached video camera which simply “clicks” onto the top of the tower.



benefits to Coaches

easy to learn controls

Easy to Learn Controls

Eye Towers unique wireless remote control system makes operation of the Eye Tower camera system easy. The controller permits simple record/ standby and zoom functions for the camera system, while you also control direction of the camera movement through simple joysticks … makes following the game child’s play!

Eye tower also has a unique 2 speed function switch, which permits either fast or a slower movement of the camera head from left to right. Particularly useful when position of filming needs to be changed. High speed is optimal for filming on the half way line, close to the pitch where rapid sporting movement requires fast camera movement, whereas filming behind goals requires more tilt and less left to right camera movement a slower less sensitive setting is optimal.

These features combined with the optimal HD vision provided on the 19 inch LCD screen makes Eye Tower the leader in “see it all” sporting video capture

choice of models to suit all applications

Choice of Models to Suit All Applications

WE currently have two options of Sony Cameras.

  • Our standard model which delivers high quality HD video suitable for most video analysis, complete with full cordless remote control of operation, and
  • Our Coaching education model which has a higher quality camera system  which enable high quality screen capture from elevated postiton ,complete with blue tooth audio system enabling recording of commentary from wireless microphone.
coaching benefits

Coaching Benefits

Stop trying to recount things to players that may of happened, SHOW THEM!

Elite coaches recognize the importance of the feedback they give their athletes. High quality feedback in the form of clear video linked with a simple and relevant verbal message provides the best opportunity for improved performance.

In team sports EYE TOWER provides video that facilitates both coach and athlete development in the following ways:

  • Opportunity to re-watch key moments post game
  • Video from an aerial view that gives an alternative perspective to coach’s touchline view
  • Ability to provide meaningful high quality visual images at team meetings
  • Comparison of performance over a set period of time
  • Analysis of opposition’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Allows easier more accurate gathering of match statistics
  • More effective use of Video Analysis software such as Game Breaker

Coaches who use the EYE TOWER system upload matches to websites their players can access (such as YouTube or Vimeo). This allows individual performances to be reviewed almost immediately in preparation for the upcoming session, thus saving valuable training time.

tactical analysis

Tactical Analysis

Providing the BIGGER PICTURE!

Elite coaches spend countless hours developing a way in which their TEAM is going to play. The most successful coaches are often masterful tacticians who focus on the team as a single unit being more powerful than the sum of its parts.

The EYE TOWER system can be set up and utilized in a way that team-shape can be captured in wide angled (20mm) video image.

In Soccer Coaches can

  • Examine the distance between the attacking and defensive lines when pressing as team
  • Develop advanced routines for set pieces to maximize attacking opportunities

A set up 10m from the touch line and the camera set to the widest angle allows a full half of the pitch to be captured

In Australian Football Coaches can

  • Review defensive zones during opposition build up play
  • Analyze movements and player rotations from kick-ins

In Rugby Union

  • Examine the effectiveness of the scrum
  • Review movement of wingers during attacking movements

In Rugby League

  • Analyze the dummy runs off the ball to open opposition defense
  • Identify how quickly defensive shape is re-organized after a successful tackle

In Netball

  • Examine the passing options provided by the players not in ball possession
  • Movement and leads in the goal circle

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What Clubs are Saying

Carl Veart Head Coach Boys SA NTC

I’ve used the Eyetower system for two years as part of the South Australian National Training Centre (NTC) Football program. The Eyetower system, with its elevated camera, has allowed easy and comprehensive analysis of both individual players as well and the team as a whole. Post game review with the players is easy and a terrific way to illustrate key learning points. I also made the video available to the players on Youtube so they can review their games in their own time.

The video also makes an excellent permanent record for analysis through the course of the year.

Ross Aloisi – Current Head Coach Adelaide United Women’s Team, former Socceroo, International footballer, and Captain of Adelaide united

“The Eye Tower system is a comprehensive video system that gives a competitive edge. Its portability allows me to attain video from home games, away games and training sessions.

The view from the 7m tripod gives me an exceptional perspective, which I can replay and review as needed. From this, I can analyse my players, my team and the opposition and develop effective training and game day strategies.

I’ve used the system successfully with the Lady Reds, West Adelaide FC and as part of my A licence assessment. It’s simple and, and let’s you see it all.”

Sydney FC’s new perspective on training

Sydney FC are leading the way in the A-League with a breakthrough piece of new training technology which will aid development, coaching and scouting

Read in full how Sydney FC are using Eyetower: http://performance.fourfourtwo.com/au/coaching/sydney-fcs-new-perspective-on-training

Paul Jones – Matildas Goalkeeper Coach

“Extremely excited about introducing a coaching tool that will take my academy to the next level of goalkeeper coaching both in Australia and the world. I do not know of many (any) privately owned goalkeeping academies in the world that have made this type of investment in the game training aspect of goalkeeping in the modern game.

Thank you to John for developing a coaching tool that allows specialist coaches to continue the work of FFA vision of football being looked at in a holistic manner”.



eye tower in action